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Synthetic Cork….A Cheap Example

Cheap Synthetic Cork Example

So I opened a bottle and found this……to start, yes this is a synthetic cork and yes, this is a super cheap version of one.

I’m no cork snob by any stretch of the imagination and lessening cork taint is something the industry needs to focus on. After all, cork taint ruins well made wine for no good reason. It sucks for winemakers, it sucks for retailers (and wine clubs!) that have to deal with the returns and consequences like lost customers. It also above all else, sucks for consumers who lose money, or at least time, or end up drinking a wine that they really shouldn’t.

So I’m all for synthetic corks. I’m all for better manufacturing standards for regular corks. I’m all for screw caps. Wineries and winemakers should choose the correct closure for their brands.

But this?

This is cheap, it’s damn hard to get out and I’m guessing it’s no cheaper than a screw cap.

Guys, the red doesn’t look cool. It’s unnecessary. Let’s do better next time.

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