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Can’t We Just Call Merlot, Merlot?

It Kinda Says Merlot

Yes, even those of us in the wine industry have our complaints. Here’s one of mine, needing to keep varietal levels to a certain level, to hide said varietal from the label. That’s not really the way this is supposed to work. I understand there will literally always be some gaming of the system, but this is a bit off putting for me. If it’s a Merlot, can’t we just call it Merlot?

Video Transcription:

I’ll this up for a quick picture so we can get to little bit of silliness today so as you can see on the front this says red blend and then it names off well, most of the Bordeaux varietals in this case Carmenere is left off, because nobody knows what it is.

Looking at the back, we see what’s really in the bottle, evidently closer like to 67% Merlot and that’s where the sillyness comes in a whole list of stuff and it’s a good reminder of how far Merlot has fallen you know if you want to put a name name on a wine bottle it has to be at least 75% of that varietal.

Now is because Merlot grapes of the Bordeaux varietals Napa specially are the cheapest or at least a hell of a lot cheaper than Cabernet Sauvignon is what you’re finding is a winery or in this it’s going to be bulk wine sold to a retailer is getting listed as a head of this red blend or a special name and not Name by Bridal because they’re intentionally keeping the percentage of merlot under 75% to make sure they could put more low on the label and so that’s kind of where the silliness comes in a little bit of a good thing in some ways but this is the kind of thing that I can drive people knowing about the wine industry will just say that without somebody having to dig through the back of the bottle in this case actually Costco Kirkland is doing a good job Winery winemakers website or you have to dig through color of other notes if it’s available anywhere. doing it with the wine industry 

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