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LaMarca Prosecco Review

Lamarca Prosecco Review

Introduction: Here’s a Lamarca Prosecco Review for you all. Sure, this isn’t exactly standard fare around here, but my wife admittedly does really enjoy her Prosecco. I do as well actually. In any case, if you’ve bought a bottle of Prosecco almost anywhere, you’ll probably recognize this Lamarca Prosecco bottle. From Costco to your local grocery store, to Bevmo, it’s pretty much everywhere. That’s why, I thought a Lamarca Prosecco review might be in order. What are you getting from one of the best marketed imported wines around?

Video Transcription:

Hello, this is Mark Aselstine with Uncorked Ventures.

That this is gonna be a little market perspective review which is something that we don’t do all the time but every so often it’s kind of fun to check in on something that’s really produced for the mass market within the United States. I think especially when it comes from overseas I think it can be kind of instructive what’s going on in the wider wine market so first you’re here for just a simple review so this is kind of quote-unquote entry-level Prosecco you’ll see LaMarca sold almost everywhere wine is sold consistently and if your state is part of the 20th century and allows grocery store sales great if your stay is part of the 21st century and allows online sales also great ten bucks or so although the total wine off and I’ll have pick up a case and it’s like six bucks per bottle kind of thing.

Ok, onto my actual Lamarca Prosecco Review: So it’s a light strong color kind of amid kind of palette you’re going to find no touch of sweetness at all it is definitely more tart and fruit flavor and kind of lemon zest eat rather than anything else and quite frankly it’s just a nice sparkling wine so we’re going to go through kind of a couple things about why Prosecco can be priced at ten bucks or so a bottle and Champagne can’t so there’s a few things so first so this is the Galera grape so Galera and Prosecco were used interchangeably well really was just called Prosecco and then they created a kind of department of control as they call it in Italy really a wine growing region but based around sparkling wine and they wanted to change the great name from Prosecco to something else they didn’t want people in other regions of the world to be able to grow Prosecco and then call it that they wanted a kind of their own trade name for their sparkling wine and that happened back in 2009-2010 and so you’ll now see Galera graoe name used but Prosecco now being the kind of overall brand name

Ok, so onto Larmarca. Lamarca is a group of farmers there’s 5000 of them or so and they create kind of this wine through a group of ten to twelve wineries and it’s you know at thousand acres or something I’m free so it’s kind of you know they proofs enough of it to be able get into the export market in the United States being their kind of favorite target and that’s kind of consistent with what you see wine-growing regions often do is that they want this kind of grower co-op thing to exist to get people into the grape or to variety or in this case kind of the function of wine and then hopefully the theory is at least for the Italians is that if you’re drinking a little market Prosecco and you think it’s good then maybe you’ll buy a Prosecco that’s $20 instead of this $10 bottle and that’s usually the progression that people did go through and then so Prosecco also can be cheaper than champagne for one other simple reasons so it’s how it’s made and so secondary fermentation for champagne happens in the bottle and that’s where you see that the you know the French kind of pictures and stuff that come out from the champagne wine engine of turning the bottle quarter turn a week and it’s just kind of manually labor-intensive kind of thing until we figure out a robot to do it of course but Prosecco is secondary fermentation happens in huge tanks and much like bigger vineyards spring costs down bigger ferments being bring costs down too and so that’s something that happens and plus Glera versus most champagne or other sparkling wine is made from Pinot or Chardonnay grapes.

Galera is kind of this ancient grape that came to Italy from Croatia or Slovenia depending on who you ask I think the answer is public Slovenia because it’s just across the street and it gets a bigger yield then does Pinot or Chardonnay plus Italy’s a little bit warmer so the yields increase based on the grape and based on the weather so in that case and so Lamarca Prosecco if we’re going to do a quick review of the Lamarca so this is a solid entry point to Prosecco and that’s exactly what its intended to be and if you told me that they were either taking a loss on this or if they were making only a few cents per bottle as a way to try to get people to drink more Prosecco and to introduce the kind of trade name to the world I wouldn’t be surprised at all and so once again Mark Aselstine with Uncorked Ventures and I hope everybody something a good start for the week and I hope you enjoy your Prosecco.

Oh and of course, since we’ve been called one of the top wine clubs in America by Forbes and others….this is too freely available for us to include in one of our wine club offerings.

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