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Meomi Pinot Noir Review

Meiomi Pinot Noir Review

Introduction: Welcome to my Meomi Pinot Noir Review. I’ve started attempting to offer some of these reviews of commonly available wine for a few reasons. First, it’s good to see what’s out there in the marketplace and to avoid confirmation bias as much as possible. Secondly, this brand is so famous right now, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. When I tried the wine, I understood. I was almost shocked when I started this Meomi Pinot Noir Review because the wine was a significantly higher quality than I was expecting given the production levels and price point. With Pinot Noir especially, that’s a tough one to pull off.

Video Transcript:

Hi all, so I am Mark Aselstine with Uncorked Ventures.

So I’ll hold you up so you can get a look at this although if you’ve literally bought wine anywhere or even bought food you’ve seen it so this is the Meomi Pinot Noir.

To start, let’s take a couple steps back here first first Meoimi was started by the Wagner family which quite famously started Caymus in Napa and so this was their foray into the Sonoma side of Pinot Noir and much like Caymus this wine kind of carries that style (their Cabernet is full bodied, as is, this Meomi Pinot Noir)

So if we look here the one thing that I think is pretty cool about this is that they give you the percentages of counties and where this is actually from so it’s Monterey, Santa Barbara and Sonoma County you know to really put those all together you would have to just call it simply a Californian Pinot and that’s a kind of a task and that’s kind of what a cheap wine from California calls itself.

There’s a generic AVA doesn’t it our lack of AVA does man really just calling it California and we only wanted to avoid that because you know those those many locations that we just named off are largely more coastal and largely much more expensive than say growing fruit in the Central Valley.

So what you get from those is you get this kind of darker richer or style of Pinot Noir which is much more popular much like Caymus as a darker richer style of cab and that’s become so much more popular over the years too.

So I walked into trying this wine thinking that I was going to just hate this and this was going to be awful and you know you couldn’t possibly produce 700,000 cases of this which is give or take what the number is these days and have it not be terrible but really what we found is that the folks from Consolation Brands who bought the Wagner suite of winery properties for 315 million dollars or so about a few years ago have done a pretty incredible job.

Normally you’ll see this Meoimi Pinot Noir rated at somewhere around 90 points you see eighty-seven some years ninety others I think that’s probably about the high point it’s a well-made Pinot.

Additionally, I think they’re doing a smart thing in that when you so if you wanted to source only Sonoma grapes you might have a $40 price point even kind of this you know as you might expect for anything sourcing more grapes it’s often easier but Monterey is kind of the Uncharted West still in a lot of ways and Santa Barbara County is masked and massive and so you know you can really see how they can put this together at a$20 or sub $20 price point and I think from a wider perspective this is kind of an interesting foray into Pinot in a few levels.

So we have the super cheap Pinot’s made in the state, which is mostly done terribly because you can’t grow Pinot in warm conditions and hitting a $5 price with Pinot is a fool’s errand and so this really might be the first price point where Pinot can make sense and really the way that the Meomi folks are giving it is the only way that it does.

I walked into this thinking that I was going to hate it. I thought this was gonna be awful. I thought this was gonna be a watered down version of Pinot much like the $5 versions often are and I walked away saying that was pretty darn good and they’ve done an excellent job with that and so if you’re looking for a fifteen to twenty dollar bottle you know went on so there’s not that many choices from California or France and this Meomi a pretty good bet which surprised the hell out of me so once again Mark Aselstine with Uncorked Ventures.

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