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Qupe A Modern Red Review

Qupe is one of my personal favorites, for a number of reasons.  Bob Lindquist is a legend in both the Santa Barbara wine scene, as well as, California in general. Here’s my, Qupe A Modern Red Review Video Transcription: Hi Guys, Mark Aselstine with Uncorked Ventures. First, happy Tuesday to everyone and I hope everyone […]

Vines in Amador County

My Issues with the AVA System

The entire concept for the American Viticulture Area (AVA) system in this country is a great one.  Wine labels from overseas often tell you simply where a wine is from.  In America, we tell you the winery behind the wine, as well as, the grapes they’re using.  All labeling systems have some issues, so the […]

Horse and Plow Red Wine Front Label

Horse and Plow Red Wine Review

This $15-$20 price point in California, sucks more often than it should.  Rising land values have limited many of our best growing regions to Pinot Noir, or Cabernet based on price alone.  That leaves Rhone varietals, many of which people are not often familiar with, to fill in some of the price point gaps. Video […]

Picture of some generic Sauvignon Blanc grapes

Another Israeli Wine

Ok, so maybe a bit off topic when you only sell wine from California, Oregon and Washington State….but every so often it’s fun to branch out.  Plus, we can all agree that the history and politics involved with making wine in the Golan Heights are fascinating subjects. Video Transcription: (honestly, not the best work by […]