Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon

Say hello to the official king of red wine grapes in every way imaginable. Not only does Cabernet Sauvignon attain the highest prices in the marketplace, it is the most widely planted and also is given the best spots in the vineyard.

Cabernet Sauvignon is perhaps the most popular red wine grape because it gives winemakers the most choice in the way that their wines will turn out. Able to be blended in the final processing or even highly controlled in the vineyard, the possibilities for Cabernet Sauvignon are truly endless.

Any vintner can tell you that a strength of the grape is that it grows easily and will ripen every year without fail. It enjoys a warm environment and while temperature does at times control the intensity of the wine, it seems water is often a determining factor. As you might guess wine makers and vintners can easily control water and by depriving Cabernet Sauvignon of water they are able to encourage the grape to end up at it’s absolute best.

Cab comes with a thick skin, so the tannins of the resulting wine can be quite high if not controlled properly. These skins also make the grape, perhaps the most resistant to rot and frost damage. Fortunately the days of highly tannic Cab are largely over and wine drinkers the world over have been left with a grape that shows outstanding balance while keeping the ability to age in cellar for many years.

Finally, the most common flavors from Cabernet Sauvignon (especially when properly aged) include interesting and unique aspects such as leather, black currant, cedar, dark berries and finally something along the lines of cidar box or even smoke in some instances. The fine wine Cabernet Sauvignon’s are truly world class grapes which can be easily paired with any red meat dish from basic Bordeaux stews where the grape first became famous to California BBQ which is where the grape currently attains its highest quality.