Rock Wall Wine Company

Rock Wall Wine Company

Rock Wall Wine CompanyRock Wall Wine Company is based in Alameda California, a small island separated from Oakland by only a few feet of water and only a short drive from San Francisco.

For years, Alameda was home to both a Naval base, as well as a civilian community.  Eventually the based closed and space was created for a more diverse set of businesses to set up on the former shipyards.

Owned and operated by the Roseblum family where father and daughter now combine to craft the wines and sell them at Rock Wall Wine Company, there is a long history at play here.

Back in the 1980’s Kent Rosenblum started Roseblum Cellars and over the course of two decades increased production from a couple of hundred cases of wine, up to a quarter million cases of wine per year. Eventually, the buy out offers got too good and he sold.

During those years of increasing production his daughter Shauna was there and as I’ve heard a few times in the past about a winemaker kid, grew up in the cellar. Now, she’s the winemaker at Rock Wall Wine Company and many of the past grower relationships from her dad’s wine company, continue to provide high quality fruit for the winery.

These days the family seems to want to create a more regional, instead of a national winery, Rock Wall Wine Company produces around 25,000 cases of wine per year. For us at Uncorked Ventures, Rock Wall Wine Company doesn’t necessarily fit in with any of our wine club programs, but they could work well in one of our locally sourced gift baskets.

Much like Roseblum Cellars before it, Rock Wall Wine Company has three basic focuses.  First and foremost, they produce more Zinfandel than any other varietal.  Secondly, they craft a range of price points from entry level versions from a variety of cheap vineyard sources, to single vineyard options that carry a price step up, or two.  Lastly, all the wines are available on a rotating basis out of Rock Wall’s tasting room, which is something that virtually no one else does.  For that, as well as, the quality of the wine, Rock Wall deserves our attention and our praise.