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I want my wine gift baskets to tell a story about the great food choices that we all enjoy living in and around San Francisco.

From Napa Valley’s Oxbow Public Market, some the oldest farmer’s markets in the country in Berkeley, to commercial kitchens in San Francisco and warehouses in Sonoma, there’s an abundant of interesting and unique food choices. These are the types of small scale artisan producers that have helped make Northern California a foodie hot spot, but even our local gift basket companies all too often feature the same tried and true products in their gift baskets.

Personally, I didn’t want to create a range of gift baskets, if they included the same products that I could find at my local drug store.

Instead, I wanted to craft gift baskets that tell the story of food where I live, the type of food that tourists search out, rave about and that unfortunately, are only be made in such small quantities that they aren’t readily available outside of the Bay Area.

From locally produced chocolate that has helped my oldest son believe that being a chocolatier is a valid professional choice, to jams and mustard grown in Napa Valley, separated by little more than a driveway from Cabernet Sauvignon vines making world class wine, there is a vibrant food culture that abounds.

You’ll notice that I feature a smaller number of gift baskets than my larger competitors. That’s largely because I want my gift baskets to tell a story about what’s happening in the food story in San Francisco and wine country beyond. As much as I like Peet’s and other brands that have grown up in and around San Francisco, I don’t think I’m providing much of a service by featuring them in my gift baskets. In the coming months I’ll be adding a handful of new gift basket choices. They’ll feature more products from San Francisco, Oakland and the rest of the east bay, as well as Napa Valley, Sonoma and other wine regions that I regularly visit such as Walla Walla and the Willamette Valley. Uncorked Ventures is also a member of 1% For the Planet and we have a range of environmentally friendly wine gift baskets, sourced entirely from other 1% FTP members coming in the next few months.