Jeff Cohn Cellars

JC Cellars is short for Jeff Cohn Cellars.

JC Cellars is a winery that we’ve worked with in the past for our monthly wine clubs and plan to do so again in the future for a few reasons.

First and foremost, they help to tell an interesting tale about the development of urban tasting rooms throughout California.  The winery was located in Oakland for quite some time

Jeff learned the wine trade at Rosenblum, well after some other stops along the route. Rosenblum was the first of wineries on the small island of Alameda and while it has since sold, the folks behind it have opened Rock Wall Wine Company, perhaps giving everyone else the blueprint for how to run their urban winery.

Evidently, Jeff and his family (his wife runs the business side of the wine business and I appreciate her ability to be a straight shooter) enjoy living in Alameda themselves. It’s a small island, the locals ride bikes to much of their daily activities, kids walk to school, you know the kind of community people think cannot exist in California.

How Jeff Cohn Cellars fits with Uncorked Ventures: I enjoy Jeff’s work.  His winemaking style is generally geared to more fruit forward wines and that also comes through in the vineyard sites that he chooses to source from. Unlike so many others in the industry today, Jeff isn’t chasing cool climate vineyards for extra acidity, Rockpile Vineyard doesn’t give you much acidity, but the wines are absolute crowd pleasers whenever they are opened, so what’s there to complain about? Sometimes as an industry (we barely do this by the way), we need to be better about simply saying that yes, these are good wines that deserve your attention and I don’t think I could sum up Jeff Cohn Cellars in any other fashion.