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Palate Differences: Men vs Women

The differences between men and women and their wine drinking

Ok, so we do a weekly dinner trade off with friends. It’s the kind of thing that’s good for the kids, but it’s also good for the adults. After all, anybody with small(ish) kids can tell you. Adult interaction when the kids are in a safe spot, is often difficult to come by. We opened a really cheap, Costco purchased wine one Friday and the opinions from the men vs the women were never more different.

Video Transcription:

Hi Mark Aselstine with Uncorked Ventures, so I’ll hold its up so you can get a good look at it so it’s Kirkwood which as you probably all know already it’s Costco and so this is a cheap Bordeaux.

how do men and women differ on their palate?

We won’t do a review today that’ll come a different time this kind of brought up a couple interesting topics so one we opened this with a couple of friends the men didn’t really like it very much and the women loved it.

And that got me thinking about how men and women often experience wine differently.

So a couple things so first there’s a fair amount of research out there that women during their childbearing years have the best sense of smell and taste of any group of humans walking the planet. It’s better than they have it before other childbearing years better than they have it after their childbearing years and better than men ever will have it no matter what.

That research has been done in Brazil it’s also been done in parts of Europe and the United States and I think kind of if we think about it intellectually and rationally it makes some pretty good sense.

There’s also a lot of people that would tell you that yes that can be true, but also more importantly than you’re kind of own state of life I guess it’s a good way to describe it food that you ate before wine that you drank the day before the amount of wine that you consistently drank there’s kind of confirmation bias that happens for sure so if only drink Bordeaux and then I drink a bottle from Napa I often will say hey that bottle from Napa is just not very good because it doesn’t match what I’m used to and so I think there’s all these kind of things that go into it and we have to solve and think like how do people actually experience wine and yes there probably are going to be some gender differences yes there are going to be some differences that happen as our taste buds evolve over time and over years obviously people that are 21 and drank soda a lot for the three years prior are likely to like sweeter wine than somebody who’s been drinking wine for 40 years and is in their 70s so really for the industry I think it’s kind of an interesting comparison and it’s kind of an interesting dilemma and problem and I think it also speaks to the fact that why we need a continually a diverse set of winemakers a new set of winemakers different people coming onto the wine scene for lack of a better term at all times because as consumers tastes change and are different than each other why makers taste change and are different than each other and so having a wider group of people to pull these kind of concepts in these kind of this is what wine should be from is likely to hit more consumers and so yeah that’s a little bit of a intellectual conversation from a bottle of really cheap Bordeaux but I see yeah so so women’s taste buds change over time mens taste buds change and over time and the industry honestly at this point is trying to figure out what to do about all that so once again Mark with Uncorked Ventures I hope you’re all doing well.

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