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GDPR and Uncorked Ventures

Data and Privacy at Uncorked Ventures

So you’ve probably seen a bunch of emails as I have over the past few days, a great many companies are working toward getting into compliance with a new EU regulation called GDPR.

A couple of notes before I go on: GDPR is a standard set of privacy features in regard to customer data held by corporations across all 28 countries in the EU.

Here’s how I understand the changes:

  • Consent to opt into a number of marketing activities has been strengthened.  You need to ask for individual opt ins for email as an example.
  • Consent has to be easy to withdraw
  • Any data breach must include a notification within 72 hours of its discovery
  • Consumers will be able to access all their consumer data held by a company

Unlike a lot of privacy laws though, GDPR comes with a very real set of teeth.  Fines for small business can be up to 4% of revenue, with a cap of $20MM.

So, let’s start with the basics.  I think this is great.  Not only as an individual and a consumer, but as a small business owner.  Frankly, I’ve been distressed when some larger corporations haven’t held themselves to a very high standard when it comes to data loss prevention, or simply keeping data and sharing it.  It can be frustrating.

So at Uncorked Ventures, I won’t ever share your data for marketing purposes (never have and yes, I get asked almost every week).  You won’t see ads on my site.  You won’t see me re-targeting on the web and for about 2 years now since I changed website software, you have 100% access to each and every piece of data held on our software. That change happened when this decision was first announced.  You’re welcome to delete your name, address, credit card, order history and basically everything else we have stored.  You can also delete your data in its entirety, or order without ever having us store it in the first place. You can do that immediately, without question and without complaint.

I’ll continue to watch changes in data and privacy, not only because I have to, but because it’s important.  Rules like these are put in place for a reason, in large part because big data can be used to target groups of people.

If you have questions in regard to my privacy policy at Uncorked Ventures, or how to remove your data, I’m happy to chat.  You can email me directly with your request at

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