Write For Us

We’re a family owned and operated wine of the month club & gift basket business based just outside of San Francisco. If you have a look around the blog, you’ll notice that I’ve written(I’m Mark btw) well over 300 blog entries since we started and I spend an inordinate amount of time writing.  So I get it, I understand the reasons why you say you’re here when someone asks, but I also realize some of the unspoken reasons you’re here as well. I’ve also written a few guest blogs over the years, so I wanted to provide a few concrete examples of ways that you can earn some space here, as well as what you should expect in return. If you’d like to be a guest blogger here at Uncorked Ventures, please email me directly with some ideas about what you might enjoy writing about.  Given that our business deals only with wines from California, Oregon and the state of Washington, priority will be given for those topics.  Here’s some more information about contributing to our site:

Who Can Write?

Basically, we’re happy to run anyone who isn’t a competitor, of which there’s only a few.  Before you ask, no wineries aren’t competitors.  I hope that our customers, through our wine club shipments find wineries that they love and buy wine directly from them.

Do We Pay for Content?

On occasion, we do.  We’re also considering having a staple of writers on staff to churn out consistent work. For now, if you require payment, you should send us an email to dicusss.

What Kind of Content Do We Want?

So it’s got to be wine related and we enjoy more local topics than broad generalizations.

What You Receive:

A link back to your site or portfolio, as well as a short bio. We want you to feel comfortable using this as part of your portfolio.

What We Require:

Original content (yes, we do check both through Copyscape as well as Google directly). Pleasant people to work with. We’re not too enamored with minimum word counts, or limits on the places that you can link out to (assuming they’re real sites that actually serve a normal purpose). Really, we want well written and interesting articles about wine and wine related topics.  If you do that, this should be easy.