Wine Gift FAQ

Over the years, I’ve gotten the same set of requests, probably more times than I can count. Here’s my best attempt at answering some of our wine gift FAQ’s:

  • Is a receipt included in the box?
    • No.  Not ever.  Those are sent via email when you place your order.
  • Do you communicate with gift recipients about payment failures etc?
    • No.  Not ever.  Over the years, there have a few uncomfortable conversations where people thought I was being very evasive, but this is a hard rule for me-it just won’t happen, ever.
  • What if my recipient hates (or loves) a peculiar varietal of wine?
    • There’s a section for “Order Notes” and that’s a great spot to include this type of information.  If you say that someone really likes Cabernet Sauvignon, I won’t necessarily be shipping them all Cabernet, but it might mean that shipping them a Carignan might make more sense for their palate, than would a lighter bodied Grenache.
  • Can I specify a shipping date?
    • If you have some specific information about when someone is home, or won’t be home, please do share it.  I know and realize that being home to sign for a wine package isn’t always easy.
  • What happens if a wine shipment is returned?
    • For an ongoing subscription, we’ll add it to their next box.  Otherwise, you’ll probably see an email from me directly about a way to get it delivered.
  • How can I cancel?
    • The easiest way is to login to your account, it can be done without any type of approval or anything on our end.  People also cancel via email or over the phone.  I really do want people to have complete control of their account.