Wine Clubs FAQ

How Do I Cancel? I’ve tried to make this as simple as possible. You can cancel via phone or email. But, unlike virtually any other subscription business, you can you cancel yourself within your account, no questions asked 24/7.

How Do You Choose Wine? I’m slightly jealous of people, when they have an exact process. I want my wine clubs to tell the story of wine country, so I focus on spending time with winemakers. Often, themes emerge of what winemakers are talking about. I then try to source wine that fits that theme. In other months, there’s just an especially good wine that comes across. Basically, I want to provide my wine club customers, with the bottle of wine that I came home and told my wife about after spending the day in wine country. Sometimes, it’s expected. I’ve done plenty of coastal Pinot Noir from Sonoma. Other times it’s not. As an example, one of the best shipments I’ve ever done (internally) included a Napa Valley Syrah.

What’s Your Return Policy? So, wine shipping is highly regulated and you can’t legally send back a bottle of wine. Especially one that’s already open. But, I want you to be happy with every bottle that you receive. Every last one. If you let me know that a bottle is either flawed, or that you just didn’t like it, I’m happy to replace it.