Shipping Policy

*Someone over age 21 has to be present to sign for our wine packages

*We ship via UPS, unless you contact us.

*Signing up for delivery alerts for your address on UPS’ website, will greatly help the process to go more smoothly. Seriously if it’s good enough for Amazon, it’s good enough for this family owned business.

*UPS tries to deliver packages on 3 occasions, then the package is held for a week at your closest UPS store.  After that the wine comes back to us.

*If you have more wine coming to you, we will simply add the bottles which came back to us to your next shipment. It happens to everyone from time to time.

*If we have repeated returned shipments (we get charged shipping twice on those, once to go to you & once to come back to us) we may contact you to see if there is a better (ie work) address we can use.

*Over time, I’ve tried to provide a list of states that we can ship to in this space, but given the rapid state of wine shipping changes happening, I struggled to keep up and to remember to update this space, which made some people unhappy.

If you enter in your shipping address to our shopping cart, you’ll be notified about any issues in regard to the state you’re trying to send wine to.

We ship to about 40 states at any given moment.

*We can’t ship wine to the usual suspects. Utah (unless you’re a Priest and this is sacramental wine…seriously) & Pennsylvania (state owned liquor stores) are two examples of places we can’t ship.

*From the legal staff:¬†Wine is sold in the state of California and ownership is transferred to the buyer in California (sorry Oregon residents, that does mean we’re going to charge you sales tax). Those purchasing wine from Uncorked Ventures are solely responsible for shipment of their wine. By placing an order, you authorize Uncorked Ventures to act on your behalf to engage a shipping company to deliver your order to you or your designate. Uncorked Ventures make no representation to the legal rights of anyone to ship or import wines into any state outside of California.