There’s a lot of reviews that float around online.  I found that out, largely the hard way.  I didn’t pay too close attention, to what was being written about my wine club. I was also flabbergasted that people would write reviews about a small business, without having ever actually bought or received a product from it. Plus, I always wondered how someone could tell the quality of a wine club, just by the price or just by looking at the website?

To that end, here’s a list of the reviews from bloggers that I know have actually interacted with us in one way or another. Sometimes they’ll send us a short email, or a brief phone call to ask a couple of questions (how can people cancel is a common one….phone, email, our new ticket system, or online by themselves are all possibilities by the way) and sometimes, the amount of conversation is fairly significant.

I’ll post some of these Uncorked Ventures Wine Club reviews in this space from time to time.  There’s some good ones and some that have helped me make changes over the years.

Forbes, The Gold Standard:

Katie Bell has written two versions of her Forbes article. She’s a writer and does get paid to write about wine, that’s largely one of the reasons I consider her work the gold standard of wine club reviews.  Here’s her original work from 2013.  She asked some follow up questions and updated her list in 2015.

Based on her critique of the wines we listed on our website, I learned that we should be posting all of our wine club newsletters online (see them here) as well as, mentioning not only the most well known wineries on our individual wine club sales pages but the one’s that I feel the most strongly about supporting.

People We’ve Tasted With (to show the quality of wine offered)

The Gourmez: Becca’s a professional writer and food/wine critic that got her start in North Carolina, only to end up in Berkeley. Plus, she takes a mean picture of me.

Grape Experiences: Cindy’s really cautious about who she’ll support, if they are only selling wine. We sent her some wine and she sent us an interesting set of interview questions.

Bloggers Who Ordered From Us: They went through the process of ordering from 20 different wine clubs and said the following about me, as well as ranking Uncorked Ventures as the best wine club if you’re actually you know, interested in wine:

…..based strictly on the quality of the wines and the passion behind his selection, if detailed curation is your priority, you can’t go wrong at any price point.

 As an aside, if you’re looking for a reviews style of site for a myriad of different categories-this is about the best, most honest and most trustworthy site I’ve seen.  I can’t thank them enough for the kind words.

Wine Club Group: I have a lot of respect for these guys, they went through the ordering process and gave us a fair review. I’ve learned since their order in 2012, that paying for shipping….sucks (ok, well I knew that then, but now I can actually do something about it).  I now include it in the price being paid and yes, we’ve grown quite a bit since then, so shipping is cheaper.  It’s the same price now nationally as it was locally back then.

As I find more Uncorked Ventures reviews over the coming days and weeks, I’ll go ahead and add them here.  Again, my request with anyone is quite simple-much like the reviews of a restaurant, how can you possible review a wine club without having tried the product?