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When you join one of my wine clubs, you’ll discover an entirely new world of wine, because I source wine differently. You’re guaranteed a truly curated experience in every bottle. I deliver the best wines made on the west coast, by spending time in wine county, with winemakers. You receive highly scored, small production, artisan wines in each shipment.

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Every few days I leave my home in San Francisco’s East Bay and do the part of my job, that everyone likes to talk about.  I travel to wine country and meet with winemakers.

During those meetings I’m looking to find some wine to go into your wine club shipments of course, but I’m also trying to learn more about the winemakers, the winemaking and farming processes and how it all fits together.  That time, with the ultimate industry insiders lets me write the most interesting and I think, insightful wine club newsletters anywhere.

After being a wine club member for a while, I hope you’ll feel more comfortable with not only what’s happening in the world of wine, but also in selecting wine when you’re out to dinner, or at your local wine shop. After all, I know you’ll likely only receive a couple of bottles from me every month, so there’s probably some other purchases along the way and that’s ok. I hope I’ll help to pull back the curtain to the wine industry, which is a lot more inclusive and interesting than I ever thought it could be.


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