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Balsamic Vinegard

Olive Oil

Jam from Hurley Farms

Mustard from Hurley Farms

San Francsico artisan chocolate


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Our Gourmet Gift Basket brings the best food and wine choices together from San Francisco to Napa Valley.

Included in our Gourmet Gift Basket are olive oil and balsamic vinegar from Amphora Nueva, a shop located in San Francisco’s East Bay neighborhood of Lafayette.  Working directly with an importer, the balsamic vinegar in the shop is the absolute highest quality I’ve ever run across.  Aged for 25 years, this has become an essential dipping sauce in my house.

I also feature olive oil from Amphora Nueva in our gift basket, featuring oil from California during half the year and oil from South America during the second half.  There was a good written a few years ago about the olive oil trade called Extra Virginity and the unfortunate conclusion was that 99% of all oil sold in America, wasn’t really true olive oil at all.  Amphora’s farms and distribution networks are one of about a hundred listed in the book.  A fruit juice at heart, olive oil is meant to be enjoyed as close to pressing as possible. Unlike any other gift basket online, we can tell you the date your olive oil was pressed.

Our mustard and jam are made by Hurley Farms, located in Napa Valley along the Silverado Trail.  Owner and farmer Sheri Hurley is truly one of the last non grape growers in Napa Valley.  While I can go on a rather long winded tangent about the quality of what’s possible when growing in Napa, we appreciate her garden mustard, laregly because everything is grown on site.  For the jam that we feature in our gourmet gift basket, I try and stick to a seasonal offering.  In the past we’ve featured mixed berry jam and peach, which is an absolute favorite in our house.

Lastly, you’ll receive an artisan chocolate from somewhere in San Francisco. Truthfully this will rotate based on what we’re currently including in our chocolate gift basket, chocolate unlike a lot of other products that we deal with, has pretty specific shelf lives.

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