Corporate Gift Baskets



I want our corporate gift baskets to be both completely customizable, as well as,

-Ability to add your logo to the lid, or another section of our hard wood baskets.  Please note, there is some lead time for our baskets with custom logo imprinting, approximately 6 weeks (if you contact us, we’ll give you an exact time frame for that work and yes, we’re desperately trying to get that time frame down as far as possible).  As you might expect, it’s worse around the holidays and out of our control.  We purchase baskets from an outside vendor located in Napa Valley.

-Any of our regular wine gift baskets can be used as part of a corporate gift basket gift program.

-I’m happy to customize our gift basket offerings to create a corporate gift basket that seems appropriate.  Please note, we only source local products for our corporate gift baskets.  I like Starbucks as much as anyone, but there are plenty other, much larger gift basket companies that already have them in their baskets.  Plus, I think Philz, 4 Barrel and Ritual Coffee among others here locally are producing better coffee.


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