How It Works

Before we go any further, I highly, highly suggest that you sign up for UPS delivery alerts, via UPS My Choice. UPS will allow you to customize delivery time frames, given we’re shipping wine, someone has to sign for each package. Even though we send tracking numbers, shipment notifications from UPS help immensely.

After you sign up for a wine club membership, or place a gift order a few things should happen.

To start, you should have a receipt in your email almost immediately.

Your initial order should be shipped within 2 business days.

For subsequent wine club shipments, you’ll receive a notification the same date of your initial order in each of your subsequent time frames.  (IE, if you’re receiving wine every month and your initial order was January 7th, you’ll see orders on Feb 7th, March 7th etc.)

Again, your wine should leave within 2 business days.