Increasingly, I found myself exasperated at the options available if you wanted to give a gift to a wine lover. When I looked around at other
gift basket company offerings, they all looked the same. When I looked at other wine club gifts, all I saw were wine stores asking their gift 
givers, to select the wine. I want gift giving with Uncorked Ventures to be easy. If you're giving a wine gift, or a gift basket as a gift, we'll select 
the wines with two main focuses. First, I want everything we ship to be the best possible quality for the price point. When we first opened, 
we had no idea if this crazy idea would work, so we only bought wine that we'd happily drink if we couldn't sell it. Next, I want to make sure 
this is easy on the gift giver. We won't ever put information on the price on the outside of your gift box, or on the inside. When your recipient 
opens the box, all they'll see is your short gift message on top and then some information on the wines underneath.