Broc Cellars

Broc Cellars is one of the more famous urban wineries in the Bay Area.  I’ve written about some of the others in the past, such as Carica Wines, but the Berkeley based winery is among the highest quality offerings made in an urban environment, anywhere.

Chris Brockoway has a simple and clear vision for Broc Cellars, to craft wines, made from organic or biodynamic grapes, that are produced in vineyards and regions considered slightly off the beaten path.  Marginal regions.  Marginal vineyards.  Spots where the big boys won’t play and where the grapes are going to struggle to get to where they need to go, so to speak.

Plus, Broc Cellars makes a range of flat out interesting wines. Carbonic Cariganane (read more about what a Carbonic wine is here), Counoise, Sparkling Chenin Blanc, Sparkling Cabernet Franc, Valdiguie. Those are the type of wines that you generally need to try to sell.  For a winemaker that means one of two things.  You either need the folks to come through your tasting room directly, which does happen at Broc Cellars urban tasting room.  Of course, the tasting room is open about 12 hours per week, total….so that probably doesn’t sell all of their wine.  Secondly, you’d need retail partners willing to take the time to educate their consumers on your behalf.  I originally met Chris Brockoway through his job as a wine distributor, meaning I am sure he has some great relationships with wine stores throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.  It’s those types of relationships that can lead to extra sales and keep a wine brand in business while they work to build a household name.

How Broc Cellars fits with Uncorked Ventures: Perfectly.  Chris’ Broc Cellars label is something I’d love to show off in a wine of the month club offering in the coming months.