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Wine Tasting Tips

Ok, so here are some general rules for attending a large scale wine tasting, or a large scale wine event.

  1. Dress in layers:  Most wine events are in large venues that were built with conventions, not wine tastings in mind. When you first arrive, you’ll find the venue cold.  After all wineries will ask for cooler temperatures.  After people start to arrive, it’ll get damn hot, pretty quickly.
  2. Wear dark colors: Have you ever spilled wine before?  Even if you haven’t, the person next to you has. Dress accordingly.
  3.  Drink water and spit! I can’t stress these enough.  So if you watch someone that works in the industry, they’re always spitting.  Plus, they drink water.  It’s not only good for your palate, but it also helps you keep your palate fresh throughout the course of the day.  If you want to enjoy a large scale wine tasting event, SPIT.
  4. EAT.  Eat beforehand.  Eat during the event. ETC. Here’s the general issue with spitting, drinking water and eating.  Even if you spit, you’re ingesting small amounts of alcohol at every taste.  It comes in through your tongue, cheeks etc.  Doing everything else helps to make sure that you don’t end up drunk and unable to enjoy your time.
  5. Take Public Transportation: I can’t stress this enough.  If you’re going to a wine tasting, you’re going to end up drinking wine one way or another.  Make a safe and feasible plan to get to and from the venue.  In San Francisco, this is EXACTLY why I wish they made every tasting convenient to BART. MUNI is nice but only runs in the city of San Francisco, most members of the wine trade cannot afford to live there. So public transit, or Uber or Lyft etc are essentials.

I hope that’s a good guide.  Others will surely add more, but making a plan for easy transportation to a wine tasting and making plans so you aren’t lit, are all essential.

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