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A Wine News Roundup Early September 2016

Wine News

There’s an increasing amount of legitimate media covering the wine industry on a continual basis.  A handful of years ago, the blogosphere was the only spot to really read much about wine and while wine blogs, like ours, continue to grow and put out content, it is nice to have more established journalists writing about wine.  Here’s a roundup as well as a reaction to some of what’s been written of late:

New Wine Regions: This might be the most common new type of wine article being written.  As consumers continue to try and search out locally grown grapes, or at least locally made wine, there’s more and more regions growing grapes and making wine.  Plus, for regions like the Sierra Foothills and Paso Robles, wine has a way of propping up the wider economy.  Wine tourist dollars are simply worth more than tourist dollars for almost any other visitor, Disneyland excluded.  Here’s a wine region in Alabama of all places. Here’s one in Baja California.  When I lived in San Diego, I had a few wines from the Guadalupe Valley by the way….actually quite good and given a solid political and security situation, that’s an obvious growth market for the folks south of the border. Here’s one on Czech wine and before you laugh, it’s a region ripe for growth. First, there’s an incredibly long history of alcohol production in the country and laws to support it, but they also focus on white wine’s only which puts them in a unique position in the marketplace.  Plus, having been to Prague for my honeymoon, almost everyone speaks English giving them a number of logical export markets. Want another Eastern European choice, why not Slovakia?

See what I mean?

Margarit Mondavi Passed Away: This was Robert Mondavi’s wife and was among the leading advocates for a few things that we take for granted in Napa Valley today, stuff like the marriage between wine and art or wine and music.

The Industry is Talking Packaging: If you aren’t familiar, there’s a total movement afoot to put wine in cans and other smaller, or at least lighter packaging.  From a packaging expo in Napa or a note about how millennials simply refuse to conform to standard norms (full disclosure, I’m technically a millennial even though I only made it by 4 months) by actually looking to buy wine in cans.  This is one way that you’ll see the industry start to fight back against craft beer.  The different sizes for beer is one thing that is appealing to almost every winemaker that I know, given that they can account for or stop any differences in quality caused by that packaging.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this short roundup of some of what’s being talked about in the wine industry.  I’ll try and make this a standard post every few weeks. Also, I hope you’ll consider a monthly wine club box from Uncorked Ventures.  We’ll teach you a bit about wine along the way.

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