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Do Wine Medals Matter?

How are you doing? This is Mark Aselstine with Uncorked Ventures. So I had a customer ask a fairly interesting question the other day. They wanted to know if I thought that medals awarded at state fairs and other wine competition were important and if you saw a winery advertising those results, if they mattered? We got 17 gold medals this last summer season, if that was something that was indicative of a quality winery?

Do medals from a wine competition matter?

The short answer is, no. I mean here’s the longer answer of why. The California State Fair is one of the mostly highly thought of wine competitions every summer. The results were recently posted over the last few days. So about 3,000 wines were entered, about 2200 of which walked away with a medal of one type or another. So you’re talking close to 70% earned a medal.

So if you think that 7 out of 10 wines are something that should be marketed with a medal then sure they can be a good way to judge wines but in essence that’s just too many. They’re not doing a good enough job at judging quality. There’s some problems with critics scores in ways if you want a high score with wine advocate there’s a certain type of wine that you probably, need to make, a certain style at least and there’s some complaints about that, but at the same time certainly, wine advocate, wine spectator, wine enthusiast, a lot of the other critics even some of the online guys. PinotFile does a great job. They’re not scoring 7 out of 10 if something’s kind of worthwhile. So that’s a better place to look.

So yeah, the short answer is, don’t bother with medals. They frankly, don’t mean anything.

Thanks a lot. Have a good one.

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