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What’s Happening in 2019?

I’ve been ruminating on how to move forward with Uncorked Ventures for a while now.

I survived the holiday rush.

Let’s start with some of what’s already happened. First, I hired an affiliate management company back in November. Quite hilariously, that finally officially happened from the closet of an Airbnb in Phoenix after being evacuated due to smoke. Don’t worry, it was Phoenix, so it was a damn big closet….maybe the size of my bedroom, or more than half of it at least. If you need a good affiliate program, the folks at Advertise Purple are damn good. I’m also very hopeful that the program continues to grow. Given that I attempted to grow this myself for some time and as it turns, I kind of sucked at it….it’s fun to see the program moving in the “right” direction.

Ok, so that happened.

What’s happening next? That’s more important is what happens next.

  • I’ll be running a crowd funding campaign through Indiegogo in the new year. Let’s be honest, being self funded sucks sometimes. Ok, most of the time. So I’ll be working on fixing that.
  • Gift Baskets. For YEARS I’ve watched and written down gift basket choices because we do sell a few of them. I continually am disappointed with the choices. I love Starbucks and Ghiradelli as much as anyone….but why is anyone paying for shipping and a retailer mark up? So these (better) gift baskets are coming. Locally sourced. High quality. Plus, the fine folks at Amazon have finally approved me to sell over there….so you’ll be able to use your Amazon Prime membership, get 2 day shipping and the whole 9 yards. Amazon doesn’t ship wine (wine’s heavy folks, it doesn’t go via air, even with Amazon’s ridiculously cheap rates that border on free)
  • One point in regards to those gift baskets that I think deserves it’s own point: I’m focused on foodie gift baskets. So the focus is going to be on creating a series of “Taste Of” gift baskets. Just locally here in San Francisco there’s so much good food, Oakland too of course…..I want to find those type of products across the country.
  • The wine clubs are going to continue to function much the same. Although I’ll be spending more time in wine country, which I think will continue to lead to better and better quality.
  • Other than that, there’s a lot of under the hood work to do. The beginnings of a real email list. A/B testing the website to sell more wine. Ecommerce as it seems, is a never ending adventure.

I hope that’s enough going on. It seems like it over here.

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