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What’s An Online Wine Club Anyway?

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Maybe it’s the monotony of countless Zooms, Clever login’s for the kids schools, material pickups, weekly grocery store runs, smoke, fire the general lack of anything on the calendar to look forward to that’s out of the ordinary…..but I’m sitting here wondering what’s an online wine club anyway?

Since we first opened about a decade ago, things have changed. God, I wish I knew then what I know now. Growth would have been a hell of a lot faster and easier. Now, being an online wine club isn’t exactly what it used to be.

-Can you be a winery, marketing yourself as an online wine club?

-Can your online wine club use images of previous owners like they’re still involved with it and picking the wine?

-Can you post reviews of online wine clubs, without ever having tried any of their wine, while receiving a commission for sending those online wine clubs the business?

-Can an online wine club have a retail location?

-Do we care how an online wine club finds it’s wine?

-Does an online wine club have any responsibility to the wineries whose wine it is shipping? Can it discount those wines without permission once they are in its possession?

Just to be clear, I don’t know the answer to any of these, at least not really. I write this simply as a gentle reminder that while we talk about how the wine market is changing in large parts because of Covid, the online wine club space has already gone through a series of massive changes. Like all online retail, that’s going to continue and probably pick up speed as Covid causes an ever increasing amount of retail sales to move online. What was literally less than 5% of the wine market a year or two ago, may soon well be worth half of that same market. During that time, it’ll be interesting to see how consumers react to the questions above.

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