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What Does Uncorked Mean?

Uncorked simply means to pull the cork.  In other words, to open a bottle of wine. What does uncorked mean though on a wider scale, it’s often considered in the urban dictionary, to include being unpredictable, or carefree.

That’s an interesting part of the definition of uncorked, in large part because in the wine industry, when you uncork a bottle of wine, you’re often not sure exactly what you’re getting.  Even if you opened an exact bottle of the same wine a moment before, there are often subtle changes.

The last part of the definition of uncorked, the part about being carefree is something that I think a lot of wine brands are striving towards.  The industry has certainly, for many, many years, been too serious and that level of attitude has been off putting for younger and less experienced wine drinkers.

For us, at Uncorked Ventures, uncorked was meant to have 2 meanings.  Yes, of course, we want customers to uncork our product.  Secondly though the secondary meaning of being unpredictable wasn’t lost on us.  We’re bootstrapped and building a small business in a sea of well funded (some venture backed) competitors and another group so old they predate the internet… both a challenge and a non linear path.

But yeah, when someone asks what does uncorked mean? I know they’re talking about this:

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