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So About That Weather On The East Coast

bomb cyclone thanks CNN

I’ve had a number of questions in this regard, but yes, I delayed wine club shipments this past 10 days or so due to weather on the east coast.

As you might expect, when the national news leads with a story on how bad the weather is and how cold it is on the east coast, it gives me pause. I mean, they made up an entirely new name for the state of the weather, Bomb Cyclone.

Cold weather, much like hot weather, doesn’t do anything good for wine.  Think about when you leave a can of soda in your freezer, the liquid expands right?  While wine doesn’t do the exact same thing, corks tend to leak in cold weather just like they do in warm weather.

I’ve had any number of shipments ruined over the years, it’s actually a lot less than most people think.  I can’t put a percentage on it, but it’s less than the amount of wine gift baskets broken by the shipping guys tossing them around like they’re stuffed animals.  People normally do call and ask about shipping in warm weather, but in cold? Nobody has been taught to ask, which is unfortunate because you simply cannot count on a common carrier to keep the wine in some type of reasonable temperature controlled facility, or truck.  Especially if the wine is spending the weekend somewhere.

Anyway, wine’s leaving shortly!

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