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This Was The Whole Point: Charles Smith and K Vintners

A while ago, I noted that one of my favorite little Washington wineries wasn’t likely to be a little Washington winery any longer.

Truthfully, K Vintners was literally the first Washington wine that we shipped as part of our wine clubs and my former business partner Matt deserves the credit for doing the original digging.

A while ago, I ran into a news story that they had changed their national distributor, coincided with an uptick in production and a move from their sleepy little spot in Walla Walla to Woodinville (which is a short train ride from Seattle) made it painfully obvious that Charles Smith and K Vintners (their single vineyard brand) were about to be the 2nd household name in wine from the state of Washington.

Here’s what I wrote about the upcoming changes: Safeway and Charles Smith

Anyway, I ran into a bottle of Charles Smith’s Boom Boom Syrah the other night at a friend’s house for dinner.

She likes her wine. He doesn’t.

Which made me wonder where this might have come from.

Then today, I had to pick up Claritin’s for my youngest, which as it turns out are actually cheaper at Costco than via prescription (let’s keep that topic for a different day and a different blog).

But then and there was Charles Smith, sitting in the middle of Costco.

So yeah, here’s another Washington winery made good. Basically what I’m looking for here, is that I told you so. This was clearly the goal and given the quality, this was clearly happening.

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