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Retailer Secret: Buying Aged Wine is Cheaper on Our End

Aged Wine From a Retailer?

Here’s something I didn’t realize when we opened Uncorked Ventures, buying wine that’s slightly aged is cheaper from the winery.

Hi all,  Mark Aselstine with Uncorked Ventures.

I hope everyone’s having a good day so far and as we battle covid-19 and thought I’d share a little something of a retailer secret.

I’ll hold this up so you can see a little bit better so I guess the important part here isn’t what it is exactly although this is Napa Valley Cab so that’s a good thing usually but it’s 2010.

The retailers secret in this case comes in because we think of wine is getting better as it ages and especially when it’s something like Napa cab that is definitely true however retailers have a harder time selling it and so there’s kind of key reasons for that.

So 1 composition of wine changes and no one’s looking for a in this case of 10 year old wine on the shelf so high end wine buyers think that they don’t know exactly where the wines been stored it could have gone bad excetera excetera.  So the folks buying and aging their wine, aren’t going to look at a bottle like this and think that yup, someone did 10 years of aging for me.  No, they’re going to think that crap, it sat around somewhere for 10 years and who knows how bad the conditions were, it’s probably ruined already. 

Newer wine drinkers often think much like beer or olive oil or any number of other products that I can go badly in the bottle and will get worse over time and well that’s true for a lot of stuff can you get worse as time goes by.

At least you shouldn’t think of all this stuff and that’s a small retailer secret.  This bottle may be half of the cost, or even less from what it was initially charged.

Lastly, I should mention, from the winery perspective….sometimes it’s just nice to move old inventory for some cash, right?

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