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Qupe A Modern Red Review


Qupe is one of my personal favorites, for a number of reasons.  Bob Lindquist is a legend in both the Santa Barbara wine scene, as well as, California in general. Here’s my, Qupe A Modern Red Review

Video Transcription:

Hi Guys, Mark Aselstine with Uncorked Ventures. First, happy Tuesday to everyone and I hope everyone is enjoying wine club and gift basket shipments, as they’ve gone out. So I am joined today by a bottle of Qupe A Modern Red. This is a central coast red wine. A little background on Coupe. This is Bob [Lynnquest 00:00:17] who is something of man legend, and truly one of the best wine makers along the central coast. He’s been making wine in Santa Barbara county for an awfully long time now, although he, who I know a little bit, might not like to hear me say that.

So Bob as … one of the kind of fun things I think, as if you wine makers kind of get into a era where they’re well known and stuff, because they get to go and do fun projects. And so, major league baseball is coming out with a series of wines, and the Los Angeles Dodgers wine is actually made by Bob and the Coupe folks. Coupe has been based in Santa Barbara county since the beginning. It’s a Native American Chumash word for California Poppy. If you’re not familiar with your Native American history of California, it certainly wasn’t before California history class in college, the Chumash in Santa Barbara were one of the last fully independent native tribes in the United States.

And they were well known, at least in California, for having made these giant kind of, I would say a row boat, but I think they call it a canoe, but they would seat fifteen or twenty people. They could take them the five miles out to the Channel Islands to both fish, and it’s one of the little, that five mile stretch Santa Barbara, the coast line, the Kelp bed, and the Channel Islands, is one of the great migration points for whales, and for a lot of other stuff. So they were something that if you live on central coast, you know a lot of the Chumash history, no matter what your personal background is. So I just thought it was important to note that, and I think Bob does a good job of continuing to represent Santa Barbara in a positive way.

So much could talk about Pinot and Chardonnay, well, mostly Pinot from Santa Barbara, it’s nice to have Coupe in the mix sometimes, because … so this is called a modern red, and this is what this is. This is a GSM blend. So Bob is one of the few that are continually they try to put out these wines, in the $15 price point. I’ve talked at length about how I feel like Washington, and increasingly Oregon is kind of trying with different vineyard areas, especially in the Rogue valley, to compete with California, because I don’t think California does the best job, because of land prices and kind of construction prices, to produce wines in that price point. This is one of the work arounds is, Cabernet grapes are hard to grow in warmer climates, at least as the quality that people expect. Pinot grapes, pretty much a done deal, you can’t do it, so that leaves you kind of the [inaudible 00:02:51] and that’s where Qupe excels.

This is truly one of the wines where if you pick this up at a local grocery store, or wine shop, which should be available locally to you already, that’s why it’s not something that’s a great fit for one of my wine clubs, this is something that you’ll be happy with. So it is GSM blend, so you have to know what you’re getting into and its also, to hit this price point under twenty bucks, you have to have a larger yield per vineyard, than a lot of places on the central coast, so it is going to be a warmer site than you might be used to. So it is a little thicker, a little jammier. It’s going to remind you less of say the Sta Lucia Highlands and more of say Paso, if that’s kind of a good way to look at it. So in any case, great wine maker, a great kind of historic label if you can say anything for Santa Barbara is that for wine. And if it’s something that you run into I’d pick up a bottle. I think you’ll be happy with it.

So in any case, Mark Aselstine with Uncorked Ventures hope everybody’s having a good week thus far. I also hope you’ve enjoyed this Qupe A Modern Red review.

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