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NY Times 20 Reds Under $20

Hobo Wine Company Camp Cabernet Sauvignon Front Label

The New York Times, like most newspapers, tends to like these kind of pieces, but they recently published a list of 20 wines, under $20 for the season.

I’m not as big of a seasonal wine drinker as some and the statistics that I’ve seen show that most folks aren’t either (there isn’t a discernible difference for anything other than sparkling wine sales).  But, these type of articles do drive some clicks.

I brought this one up, because there’s a familiar face there.

Hobo Wine Company’s Cabernet Sauvignon from Sonoma showed up in my Explorations Wine Club back in July/August of this year and now is getting itself some well deserved national attention.

My only small gripe….I counted that thing at $18 and suddenly it’s $19.99? In all seriousness, it’s a good honor for a small producer, especially one making the best known grape in America, from a region that every wine drinker would easily identify.  That combination usually leads to higher prices per bottle than this sub $20 target that Hobo is consistently hitting with their Camp line of wines.  Honestly, I’m happy for Kenny to get the attention, it’s well deserved!

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