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How to Eat Like a Local in Australia


First, a big thank you to Brittnay Sharman, for writing this guest post.  Brittnay owns and operates a rather interesting business called the Traveling House Sitters.  I mean, as far as dream jobs go, that’s got to be pretty high on the list. She was kind enough to run an article I wrote about the differences between Syrah and Shiraz and so giving her some space here to share her thoughts, seemed only fair. If you’d like to write for us, please get in touch, but please, please take 5 minutes to read my guidelines. Seriously.

How To Eat Like A Local In Australia

Travelling to Australia soon but you don’t want to indulge in all the ‘touristy’ things? Truly experience the Australia like how the locals eat, don’t worry it’s not all kangaroo and shrimp!  You will find out how to host an Aussie barbie (BBQ) and the classics, they just love (nope it’s not vegemite!).

First Thing in The Morning

Aussie breakfast starts out pretty similar for most people (no we don’t have avocado on toast everyday). Firstly is it is the classic Weet-Bix, throw some in a bowl of milk with either sprinkle of brown sugar, a dollop of honey, or some sliced banana. As a kid this was usual go to, not mention every sporting hero on our tellies (TV’s) was sponsored by Weetbixs.

eggs and vegemiteNext you have vegemite egg soldiers. First you want to throw some bread in the toaster, then you want to soft boil a few eggs. When they are cooked find yourself an egg cup, spread some vegemite on your toast and cut it the toast into 8-10 finger sized dippers. Knock the top off your egg and dip those tasty soldiers in!  

Mark’s Add: Pairing vegemite with wine? I hear that Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon both work.  But heck, it isn’t like I can find vegemite locally, so your guess is as good as mine.

Get Excited About The Melting Pot of Cultures
Australia is a country that’s incredibly proud for their inclusion of cultural diversity. In fact, Australia is known worldwide for being home to people from a vast array of cultural backgrounds.

Locals don’t only restrict themselves to burgers, fish and chips, seafood and steaks. Australians love their Chinese, Indian, Italian, Mexican, Korean, Vietnamese & Thai

Host Your First Barbie Right
To start off the barbie (BBQ) right you need to get yourself some snags (sausages). Snags are an essential item to pulling off an Aussie barbie. When your grabbing the  snags make sure you’ve got bread, tomato sauce, and onions ready to go with them. BBQ’ed onions are essential for a Aussie BBQ. All you need to do is thinly slice a few onions, throw them on the barbie with some oil and sugar (only a tablespoon or so) and caramelise.

There are plenty of Australian approved ways to classy up your BBQ (or barbie) if snags aren’t for you. You could try some beetroot burgers or prawn and avo skewers ( yep, we call then prawns not shrimp). Now a beetroot burger might sound strange, but that tangy and sweet veggie will have you wondering why you haven’t added it before. We recommend cutting them in half and grilling them.,.

When your invited to an Aussie BBQ make sure you bring a salad. A favourite at all Aussie barbies,would be the Asian crunchy noodle salad, everyone will have a story of how there mums used to make this classic. As we mentioned most Aussie BBQs involve (a lot of) beer so make sure everyone is aware of your gas smoker safety, you might want to dedicate someone to enforcing this, so you don’t have a trip to the hospital ruining your barbie. (Mark’s note, also a good idea based on a friend’s experience recently, to get the BBQ away from a fence, especially one with an overhanging tree, even if the kids do enjoy the firetruck coming to the house)

Wine for a BBQ?  In America, the class is Zinfandel. Especially Old Vine Zinfandel.  In Australia though, a cooler climate Grenache, or even the ubiquitous Cabernet Sauvignon works just as well as Syrah, which is the standard suggestion.

Do Your Research
With technology being so readily available and accessible, you can easily turn to your phones for some great locations for amazing local Australian food places! You might of heard of the usual ones like Yelp & Trip Advisor however they are some locals ones which really get down and dirty on where the locals actually love to eat 

Try using Zomato, it has local food bloggers who take find and eating great food very seriously.  You won’t be lead astray here or end up in some tourist trap.

Visit Local Pubs
Australia has some of the world best pub food!.We love their our pubs and there’s honestly nothing more comforting than some great local pub food.

 You can never go wrong with the pub, it is  are relatively inexpensive, and always provides for a great atmosphere to catch up with mates.

 We recommend trying a Chicken parma (parmigiana). This  is the most classic Aussie pub food, you will find it either  served on a burger or with a plate of chips. The parma is a crispy chicken fillet that is smothered in marianna sauce and topped with cheese that is then melted. It is what every Aussie will turn to when in doubt of what to order. 

Australia’s a great country that offers some of the freshest produce and meat. Take advantage of it and create some amazing meals from the best foods local Australian grocers have to offer! Some our favorites include the pavola (every grandma has a delicious recipe for this up their sleeve). If you looking for something a bit meatier give the classic shepards pie a go make sure you grab some Aussie beef, it bloody delicious

Head to The Markets
Australia has some of the most incredible food markets. Some notable Australian food markets to take note of would include: the Saturday market at Carriageworks in Sydney, NSW, Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne and the Fremantle Markets in Perth.

Fairy BreadThe True Classic
A true favourite at every Aussie birthday party under 10 (maybe 20) is fairy bread. You make fairy bread by buttering some white bread and pouring hundreds and thousands on it then cutting into small triangles or squares. Now that may sound odd, but it is truly a delicacy. If you mention fairy bread to any Aussie adult you will see memories of childhood and happiness floating past their eyes.

So there you have it, those are some key foods that you should know in order to eat like a local here in Australia. Now go out and enjoy yourself a fairy bread sandwich (it will make you totally cultured).

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