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How Many Grapes in a Bottle of Wine?

Ok, so this is complicated.

Beware, there’s going to be some math coming up.

There are 750ml in a bottle of wine. A case of wine has 12 bottles. If you’re keeping track, that case of wine is right at 2.378 gallons of wine in a case. Generally speaking we think of a single ton of wine crafting about 150 gallons of wine, or simply 60 cases of wine or around 720 bottles.

Ok, onto the more complicated part of the math. There are 2,000 pounds in a ton.  So each of your 720 wine bottles will have 1/720th of a ton of fruit inside it.  So we’re talking 2.78 pounds of grapes per bottle of wine.

But how many grapes are in that 2.78 pounds? We have pretty reliable numbers for table grapes (it’s about 80) but wine grapes see more in terms of deviation from one varietal to another.  But generally, since people have counted these and weighed them over the years, we know that there are about 250 grapes per pound in terms of wine grapes.

So how many grapes are in a bottle of wine?  The answer is somewhere between 600 and 800 depending on your vineyard, how much it’s watered and the type of wine that you’re drinking.

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