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Do You Refrigerate Pinot Noir?

I’ve talked previously about some basic questions in regard to temperatures for serving wine. Specifically, do you chill red wine is a question that comes up from time to time and my answer is basically: sure….if you want to. Of course, everyone wants some specific information for the exact wine that they like to drink, so a customer asked the other day, do you refrigerate Pinot Noir?

Honestly, the usual red wine caveats hold true here. In America, we tend to serve white’s too cold and red’s too warm. Think about an old, dusty Chateau in France. Room temperature is colder than in your house right?

Really much of the Pinot Noir we drink can be actually a bit colder than that even. Generally speaking, wines based more on acidity rather than tannins, can be served at colder temperatures.

So really, do you refrigerate pinot noir? Maybe for a little bit, especially if you’re serving it in an area that’s either really warm, or cold enough that you’re running the heat in the house. Don’t overdo it though, as Americans we definitely love our ice cold drinks, it just so happens that wine really shouldn’t be one of those.

I’d give you specific temperature instructions, but in practice nobody follows them. Basically you want your Pinot Noir to be both colder than the ambient air in your house, but also significantly warmer than the milk in your refrigerator.

Easy enough, right?

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