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Destemming Part 2

So here’s the main point of the destemmer-removing as much non grape material as possible.

We talk a lot about tannins in the wine industry and I think people generally understand that tannins come largely from grape skins, jacks and the stems themselves.

What people generally don’t know though is that there are different types of tannins inherent in each of those categories. Tannins found on skins and within seeds of the fruit is generally gentler on your stomach because of their carbon structure than are those found in the stem.  That’s the real reason most wineries want to remove as much of this stuff as possible.

Here’s how much is removed and as you can see, technology has made this an incredibly efficient process.  It also helps to answer why the wine we drink today is actually better in terms of quality than what was produced in mass a generation or two ago.  Technology allows winemakers to follow through with what they’d like to do, like getting grapes completely destemmed.

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