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Crane Lake Sangiovese Review

Crane Lake Sangiovese Review

Well to my review of the Crane Lake Sanviovese. I wanted to talk about this wine for a few different reasons. First, as I see friends attempt to purchase cheap bottles of wine, I often see them grabbing Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon…..or even, Pinot Noir. What’s the issue with those grapes and cheap wines? To reach these cheap price points, the grapes have to be grown in warm, or even hot vineyard locations. So, they’re not all that great….even for cheap wine. Sangiovese though, is a grape that does grow well where it’s hot. After all, it’s a heck of a lot warmer in Italy than it is in Croatia (where most of the name brand grapes actually evolved, sorry France). So I wanted to offer up this Crane Lake Sangiovese review for those looking for a drinkable bottle of wine, at a $4 price point. That’s pretty rare.

Video Transcription:

I don’t so I’ll hold this up so you can get a decent look at it although we’ve got some lighting issues here since the afternoon and it’s sunny but this is a Crane Lake Sangiovese they said first before we go any further of course not a wine in the Month Club wine for uncorked ventures this is literally a four dollar bottle of wine so I’ll also turn this you can get a good look at the back or at least a decent looks so you can see kind of flavor combinations plus the fact that it is dry and not semi sweet so I hope this is interesting so kind of number of friends expressed that it’s damn hard to buy wine when you know nothing about him and it’s inconvenient especially if you’re shopping with kids to you be looking at your phone the entire time and trying to look up and say hey is this a decent model or note especially when you’re dealing with a low price point often they’ll take a few tries before you find something that has reviews that don’t make you run the other direction.

So Crane Lake is kind of the first kind of in my opinion probably true competitor to two buck chuck hey that’s Charles Shaw transitioned only being sold at Trader Joe’s or has only been sold at Trader Joe’s everybody else has been looking for that kind of compliment that a lot of grocery stores and larger retailers have gone to their own branded stuff often that’s in a $10 or so price point and so it’s kind of left Charles Shaw with this you know we want a 75 cent glass of wine just for the alcohol kind of thing to exist and no one else has been able to meet that price point currently comes the closest.

So this is kind of an important part of with your buying really really cheap wine so a you have to know what you’re getting at so this is quote unquote Appellation California so it really we’ve talked about this a lot lately so this is not the Central Coast this is not some place you’ve heard of this is a nondescript vineyard in the Inland Valley of California where they can get you know 8, 10, 12 tons per acre as much per acre grown as possible and you can see that so symmetry of it tends to be this kind of higher and alcohol wine this is 12 and 1/2 percent so the reason why that happens is because the vines are being asked as much as possible not the most densely concentrated fruit this is also why this wine actually kind of works though and this was drinkable because Sangiovese a is something that takes heat well and in the Central Valley you’re going to water a lot and you’re gonna have abundant heat and abundant sunshine.

What you have is this kind of over blue and at the end of the day do you have something that’s drinkable or not it’s really the only question that you should be asking for 4 dollars I mean we can go through tasting notes and stuff yeah there’s flavors of dry cherry and plum and that kind of stuff that’s traditional for the grape itself but really four bucks I mean we can’t ask too much especially when you know we’re talking you know 50 cents per bottle 10 cents or closure you know you know you kind of kind of go down the list and you realize that they’re likely making a dollar at most on this bottle of wine so let’s keep our expectations in line so is this drinkable yes it is does it taste like wine yes and they’ve actually done a pretty good job of keeping it along not a pretty good job a really good job keeping it so it’s dry so if you’re looking for a four dollar bottle Crane Lake Sanjiovese it actually isn’t that bad of a choice and so I will give this one a thumbs up upon effort and a thumbs up on choosing a grape that does well in hot climates too often in California we see these two points being Merlot or Cabernet that are cooler climate grapes than this and so if you’re choosing a cheaper cheaper cheaper bottle of wine choose one that makes sense in a hot climate because they’re not grown in a cold climate there’s no way to make a financial smoke so once again Mark Aselstine with Uncorked Ventures and I hope everyone’s having a good day so far.

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