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Corporate Gifts by Uncorked Ventures

I’ve been working for quite some time on redesigning our corporate gifts page. One fun part about owning an ecommerce store in January is that I can do quite a bit more of this kind of stuff. Here’s an intro to buying a corporate gift from Uncorked Ventures.

Thanks for finding the Uncorked Ventures Corporate Gifts page. My name’s Mark Aselstine. I’m the founder and, if you’ll allow me to use a wine term, proprietor of Uncorked Ventures. That simply means that I’m involved in the day to day operations. In this case, it means I’m probably packing a lot of the boxes that are going out and handling most of the orders.

You came here looking for corporate gifts. We’ve done a number of these, from, say, small hotel management companies outside of Jackson, Wyoming, to Airbnb sending gift baskets to early stage investors. I know that you probably had a look around in the site. We do a range of gift baskets. We do a range of wine clubs. I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for considering us.

But then also, I know most corporate gifts come with some specific budget or something in mind. Our off-the-shelf offerings don’t always perfectly align to what those are. My really point of this intro is saying is if you have something in mind and we don’t have something that’s perfect for it, please email me. I’m happy to put something together special for you or with your requirements in mind.

That might be a pared-down gift basket. That might be a gift basket with more wine. That might be a specific type of wine club with only wines. Say we do a law firm here in the city of San Francisco and they only want wines made in San Francisco for their San Francisco clients. That’s all stuff that we’ve done before. I’m happy to put something together custom for you.

The other thing that we can do, we can send you a link to an Excel spreadsheet and you get to fill in all of your information there. It will save you a bunch of time from trying to order one-offs on the website. Once again, my name’s Mark Aselstine. I’m the founder and owner of Uncorked Ventures. I appreciate you considering us for your corporate gift business. Please have a look around.

If you have any questions, please, my direct line is just Not trying to be hard to find in this case at all, and I do appreciate the business and hope that answered some of your basic questions. Thanks again.

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