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Carbs in Wine vs Beer

carbs in wine vs beer

There’s been any number of diets over the past handful of years, which aim to limit the consumption of carbohydrates. From Atkins to Keto. Pick the year, or time period and you’ll find a different name. All of them basically have the same setup, save the carbs and lose the weight. Here’s the thing, there’s not wrong. There’s a lot of calories in carbohydrates, but eliminating them completely, forever, seems problematic at best. In any case, for those that are counting and I do think it’s smart to do so, here’s the number of carbs in wine vs beer.

Carbs in Wine: 1-2 grams per glass

Carbs in Beer: 10-20 grams per glass

In reality, the difference in carbs in wine vs beer comes down to how they’re made. Of course, beer is literally made from a carbohydrate source. This difference is also why beer tends to have at least 50 extra calories per drink than does wine.

So if you’re counting carbs, the difference in carbs in wine vs beer becomes a significant thing and a reason why you should probably have that glass of wine instead of a beer.

Some caveats, wine has less carbs than does beer in large part because the sugar is being completely transformed into alcohol. But, if you’re choosing a sweet wine, that’s obviously not the case. So, if you’re counting carbs, let’s not choose a Riesling, a late harvest wine, or anything which does contain residual sugar like this Apothic Red.

Lastly, let’s paint an overall picture. How many carbs is that 1-2 grams per glass in reality? A diabetic is generally suggested to limit their intake to about 70 grams per day. So is that 1-2 grams per glass of wine really an issue? Likely not. But, 20 grams in a glass of beer? Likely. After all, most foods tend to have some carbohydrate numbers, even if we all don’t want to admit not eating grilled chicken and steamed broccoli for dinner every night (even that meal is like 4 carbs).

Ok, so there’s not many carbs in wine. There’s more in beer. The choice is really up to you.

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