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Calories in Cabernet Sauvignon

It’s something that we all have to worry about, especially as we get a bit older. Counting calories, attempting to stay healthy and not gaining too much weight. So, you might be wondering, how many calories are there in Cabernet Sauvignon?

There are approximately 120 calories in Cabernet Sauvignon. Of course, you’ve got to watch your alcohol intake because there might not be as many ounces of wine as you think in a glass.

If you want to keep track of the number of calories in Cabernet Sauvignon, there is one important part of the label. The alcohol content. Really, the amount of alcohol is what determines the number of calories in a specific wine. Other factors are much less important. We’re assuming a 14.5% alcohol percentage here for our 120 calories glass of Cabernet, but move that to 16% and there’s closer to 140 calories. Move it down to 12% and you’ve got something closer to 100 calories.

So how many calories are there in Cabernet Sauvignon? It kind of depends, but you should plan on there being about 120 or so, give or take. Plus, your pour is going to be more inexact, than the alcohol percentage.

Lastly, if you have a wine with some amount of residual sugar, like the Apothic Red or Carnivor that I reviewed a while ago, those new age wines are going to carry additional calories. As it turns out, the residual sugar carries more calories than does the alcohol. Plus, those new age wines tend to be extracted and higher in alcohol as well as, with residual sugar. Call those type of wines close to 200 calories per glass!

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