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BV Coastal Estates Cabernet Sauvignon Review

So, I’ve been wanting to try one of these for a while and then to share it, because it helps to show where the industry is moving. Here’s my BV Coastal Estates Cabernet Sauvignon Review.

I am going to hold this one up for all this up so you can get a look at it. Before we move on too far, here is my BV Coastal Estates Cabernet Sauvignon Review.

So not a wine club wine but instead of a review of the BV coastal estates Cabernet Sauvignon from California in 2017 so a few things to unpack here.

So why is this here? So I think one of the most interesting things to me in the wine industry is watching how the industry often will move one direction and then you get these huge players like BV which is undoubtedly one of the largest wineries in the world and watching how they adjust to that and so this coastal estates brand is one of the ways that BV is adjusting to the movement toward lower alcohol kind of lower density kind of lighter mouthfeel wines.

I think the fascinating thing is as we’ve seen you know we’re seeing this kind of the industry is moving towards a smaller number of grapes and Cabernet is obviously one of the huge winners but really one of the other huge winners is Pinot but Pinot runs into some special issues in that it’s hard to grow a lot of it on the yield for Pinot is much smaller than Cabernet and it needs to be in cooler climate vineyards which even depletes the yield further so you know how can a company like BV which you know is making this you know depending on who you ask between seven and eleven dollars per bottle you know how do you hit this kind of new consumer outlook where they want lighter lighter wines in mouthfeel but they like the way Cabernet tastes.

So how do you hit that and one of the ways that they’re trying to is that through more coastal vineyards.

So you know for one you know when you see California label that could mean anywhere from the state so these grapes could really easily come from the Central Valley and they could throw a coastal states thing on it and not really actually mean it but then when you open the bottle then you’d have to kind of be able to figure that out pretty quickly and so I think these are kind of vineyards you know as you drive down the 101 through the Central Coast you see these vineyards popping off on the side of the freeway and for a longtime winemakers have joked that those are the only profitable vineyard locations anymore and I think that’s where this probably comes from.

So what are you getting here you’re getting flavors of vanilla and oak which are very consistent for cabernet sauvignon. It tastes like a Cabernet with one major major change and that major change is a heck of a lot lighter and mouthfeel and I call it density most people will use mouthfeel. You’ll hear other wine critics use kind of more advanced terminology than that, but really you know the weight of the thing how heavy does it feel in your mouth and if you think about the difference between the average Cabernet and the average Pinot Noir know that the average Pinot is very light in your mouth whereas Cabernet is heavier Syrah is even heavier still but really so what is this so this is a Cabernet of taste and a Pinot and style as far as mouthfeel goes and so you know when you read if people like it or not you know people tend to say that they like it because it was an easy drinker blah blah blah you know there’s a kind of the other thing really what they’re getting at is the mouthfeel and that’s really where the industry is moving and so it’s fascinating to see BV kind of going in that direction too so if you’re looking for a standard Cabernet Sauvignon don’t buy this because that’s not it, but if you’re looking for a Cabernet maybe the lighter style this is a great choice for under $10.

So this is a BV coastal estates cover dated from 2017 I think we’re gonna see a lot more options like this for two reasons one industry is moving that way and two you know over the past ten years or so the industry has seen this coming and so you’ve seen all these vineyards starting to pop up on the Central Coast and so there will be grapes available they can hit these type of price points and this type of style which is kind of the big issue beforehand is that there weren’t grapes available at the right price point in style that kind of dude this kind of wine it takes five years from the time of vineyards planted to really come online where you can have usable grapes and sellable grapes really so you know if they planted them a decade ago you know at the time when sideways was really kind of kicking up then you know they’re just coming now for the most part so.

In any case Mark Aselstine from Uncorked Ventures, again not a wine club wine but actually I thought this was a great example to share about how the industry is changing and how large wineries are moving to meet the need where smaller wineries and startups really had you know only been able to meet the need at the $40 or so price point this is you know a hundred ten bucks it’s not the quality of a forty dollar wine but this is kind of the new style so in any case what everyone’shaving good

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