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Bottle Age For Wine: You’re Into It

Bottle age.  With wine, it’s damn hard to come by.  But, people tend to really, really like wines that have a decade or so of it.  Another issue: consumers don’t have the space or capacity to age the wine themselves, so as a retailer, I have to buy aged wine.  Issues all around I know…..

Video Transcription:

Hi guys, Marcus(my edit: seriously transcriptionalist? It’s Mark Aselstine) doing with Uncorked Ventures. I’m going to hold this up so you can get a pretty good look at it. This is a McCrea wine. It’s a viognier from Washington state. This is the Cial du Cheval Vineyard.

So I wanted to talk about this for a minute. We have a number of expectations, right, when we buy wine. So first there are all these truthsms that we mostly believe as wine consumers. A, red wine ages white wine doesn’t. B, if you’re gonna age your white wine, it has to be French and it has to be from certain regions. One of the things that we’ve been trying increasingly with wine club is that we’ve been shipping stuff that has a bit of bottle age, that has bottle age. So this is a six. I shipped it in 2007, central coast cabernet. We think of cabernet as something that can age, but we don’t necessarily think of central coast cabernet as something that 10 years in the bottle is gonna be that good for. And increasingly the feedback that I get from people is, “Hey. That was really, really good.”

So that’s this interesting thing is that 98% of wine is consumed within 48 hours of it’s purchase. So as a … yes, I own a wine club and a gift basket business but really I’m a retailer. As a retailer, one of the things that I have an option of with the … you pay me and then I ship you wine unbeknownst what you’re getting when you first pay me … I have an opportunity to educate people maybe a little bit more than your wine shop cause if you walked in there and you said, “I’m looking for voignier”, often times, they’re not even gonna have this on the shelf because the kind of standard issue voignier says “Drink it between two and seven years and then after that, well, god knows what you’re gonna get”. Worse, we get to open one of these and say, “Wow, that was really good”, and when I ship it to you, you’re gonna open it. We know that because statistically you’re gonna open it within two days.

So I think that’s one of the things we’re gonna be looking at a little bit more. Are there opportunities for us to do some bottle aged stuff, the average customer. But for us and for anybody really in the wine space doesn’t have a cellar nor do they have the willingness nor ability to age stuff for 10 years. That’s few and far between. But there is a chance for us to maybe look for some older wine and to ship it so people can experience what it’s like with some bottle age, without the expense of having to build a cellar or in the garage or throw it in the corner of your closet for 10 years and hope the kids don’t find it.

In any case, so, bottle age voignier though white rhone varietals despite the insistence of the white in our wine industry that they don’t age that well, we find that people do like them with a little bit of bottle age. There is a little bit of up and down [rhythm 00:02:40], I will give them that. I made a white rhone myself [inaudible 00:02:45] family cellars. We opened one and we said, “Oh my god, what happened here?” And then we opened one another year, year and a half later and we said, “That was great”. So hopefully it’ll continue to get better.

McCrea is … Doug is a guy who has been making great white rhones and red rhones up in Washington for, really, a generation now, and it’s somebody to look into if you’re looking for that kind of thing. And they do have some of these bottle aged stuff already available, so.

I’m Marcus [inaudible 00:03:10] with UnCorked Ventures (make that 2 for lol, once again that’s Mark Aselstine). Hope everybody’s having a good week so far and is ready for what I hope is a nice weekend.

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