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Woodward Canyon Nelms Road Cabernet Sauvignon 2008

June 2011 Wine Exploration Wine Club Shipment

It’s a rare event that we can use wine from the same winery in more than one of our wine clubs. This month brought us that chance when we made the decision to include the Woodward Canyon Nelms Road Cabernet Sauvignon 2008.

So why did we choose to include this wine?

To start, it’s an excellent value. It’s an easy drinking Cabernet Sauvignon from Washington State, which we don’t think receives enough credit for the quality of the Cabernet being produced within its borders.

We also thought it would bring up a few aspects of the wine industry which would help our customers make more informed buying decisions in the future. Nelms Road is the 2nd label for Woodward Canyon. For those whom aren’t familiar, a 2nd label is very much a Bordeaux thing, where it is incredibly common. It allows a winery to use some of the extra harvest in good years in order to make more wine, without sacrificing the exclusivity of their brand. It also allows them to pull grapes in from a wider number of vineyards while creating a wine which is cheaper than their original brand, but is meant to give consumers an entry point in regard to price. The idea, of course, is to take customers who would be buying wine elsewhere and get them accustomed to winery and winemaking styles of a major winery and hopefully keep them as customers of the brand as their budgets increase.

In this case Woodward Canyon has taken grapes from its namesake vineyard along with a few other famous and incredibly expensive nearby, while adding some admittedly cheaper fruit to craft a wine generally sold at around $25 per bottle. When their Artist series brand typically sells for around $50 per bottle, it makes sense to have a price point which not only works for a wider variety of customers, but also for a wider variety of occasions.

As you might expect when it comes to 2nd labels, there are some good ones and others which are simply money making ventures for the winery. We think Woodward Canyon does a great job at continuing their winemaking style in their Nelms Road offering and were very happy to include it in our Wine Exploration Wine Club shipment for June 2011. If you’ve never tasted a Washington State Cabernet Sauvignon, you might be surprised by what you find,

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