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Atlas Peak Napa Valley

How you doing? Mark Aselstine. This is the base of Atlas Peak. It’s one of
the largest AVAs in Napa by square footage, but one of the smallest, in
terms of production. Atlas Peak only produces about a third of 1% of the
total wine made in Napa every year. So, a couple of differences.

One, yes, it’s Atlas Peak, so it’s a mountain range, 700 to 1500, 2000
even, feet above sea level for the average vineyard. The other interesting
thing is that it sits at well above the fog line. So, in the mornings, it’s
sunny, but in the afternoons, like right now, it’s still relatively cool.
So, it leads to a much different brand of wine than you get from what you
expect in Napa.

Once again, Atlas Peak. It’s an interesting set of vineyards. Stagecoach
has made the area a little bit famous, but most of the other guys are
producing 500, 1000, 2000 cases only. And it’s some place that you have to
search out to find.

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