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10 Online Wine Market Predictions

Online Wine Predictions

Some more deep thoughts as we get ready for another day of inordinate school Zoom’s. Here’s 10 online wine market thoughts for the next couple of years.

  1. Sales continue to grow at 10% per year, or more.
  2. Winery websites continue to behave much like big box retailers, they do a good job at converting people once they’re there, but do little outside of be really big, to draw people in.
  3. There will be a cottage industry of professionals attempting to serve smaller wineries doing stuff like conversion rate optimization, SEO, sales funnels and whatever new buzz words they come up with. The vast majority won’t help wineries because the wine market is so much different than others.
  4. There will be even more critics scores available. Consumers may be so inundated with them that they will either ignore them completely, or outright demand to see what they are (even if they have never seen the reviewer published elsewhere)
  5. More and more wineries will be set up like online wine clubs, it’s an easier to understand model for consumers. This will push wineries and winemakers to make more different wines, in smaller batches.
  6. We will see the rise of single wineries, spread into multiple growing regions, with separate winemakers.
  7. We will see better, larger, marketing groups formed, often built around the concept of sharing customers within wine regions. This already happens in person (IE, where should we go and taste next?) but has not to this point taken off online.
  8. Free shipping will be the standard.
  9. Better shipment tracking will be introduced, including individual sensors which track temperature across ground shipments. We will, as an industry, be simultaneously surprised, at how hot some shipments get while being shocked that others stay very cool. Other wineries will discover, cold is worse than hot for wine shipping.
  10. The era of mass new wine of the month club offerings, some backed by venture capital will end. The market seems full, entrenched and the new game will be starting wineries because politics and shipping laws demand it.
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