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1 Piece of Advice When Buying Bulk Wine

Kirkland Sauvignon Blanc Front Label

Buying bulk, or unknown wine, isn’t the task that it was a generation ago. After all, there is an inordinate amount of information out there, consumer reviews included, about almost every wine on the market, all available at our fingertips. But what if there’s not? What if you want to spend something less than hours perusing the aisles of your wine shop or supermarket? Where should you start.

My one basic tip for buying bulk wine is simple: pay for information.

Video Transcription:

Hi All,

Mark Aselstine with Uncorked Ventures.

I’m going to hold us up so you can get a little bit better look at it so yes it is a Kirkland brand wine in Kirkland has most current version of Costco’s started. 

So a couple things so really why I wanted to talk about this is not about the wine itself other this is a great example of Sauvignon Blanc and one for like 7 Bucks I think Sauvignon Blanc is one of those wines that leaves itself better to bulk wine than others and really I wanted to give you one firm suggestion if you’re buying bulk wine.

If you are like most of us at this point in age we look up wines on vivino or wine spectator reviews  we are trying to get some actual information of what’s in the bottle outside of just price point and what the little shell talker says.

If for some reason you can’t find definitely are places where you would be buying wine where you wouldn’t be able to and so what should you do in that scenario in this case you’re paying for information.

So I’ll hold this up again and you can see a little note underneath that an AVA which is Ti Point and Ti Point is the vineyard location and so that’s what makes this a hell of a lot better than any other generic sauvignon blanc that’s just to be labeled like California and you have no idea this you know exactly where it came from.

So pay for information if you’re buying bulk wine they tell you the vineyard by that because most likely and I’ve looked it up the actual the exact same wine from the same Vineyard under the wineries labels about 25 bucks so it’s a good deal for my only piece of advice when buying bulk wine, pay for information

Kirkland Sauvignon Blanc Back Label
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