Affiliate Program

When we first opened, I definitely thought affiliate marketing would be something that we could do and do quite well.  It didn’t always go that easily.  Ok, I kind of sucked at it.  But, I still believe in partnering with affiliates to create compelling offers and sales for both our site and yours.

You can find our program over at Share a Sale.

Currently our program is managed by the fine folks at Advertise Purple. Any questions about the program really should be routed to them, I can be honest and say I didn’t do a very good job running it. 

Ok, so feel free to email Ellie Shi at and I’m sure she’ll get you set up properly.

Ok, back to my story.  So after sucking for far too long, I found professionals that do a much, much better job. Plus, I can now spend more time finding better wine and making sure that wine is shipped in a timely manner. Everyone is much happier for the change, myself first on that list.

But, if you’re currently an affiliate or even an interested on, please also feel free to send me a quick email to say hello.  I do really enjoy the process of online sales and understand where you all are coming from.