Limnio is a great example of the disconnect between the historical wine industry and the industry as the average wine drinker thinks of it today.

The Greek Islands, in many ways are an ideal spot to grow grapes.  They have plenty of sun and warm temperatures, but always have an influence of the Mediterrean Ocean which cools the grapes at night and during the early morning hours.  Greece is the ancestral home to a large number of grape varieties, but because of a lack of investment up until a decade ago, the Greek wine industry fell well behind other growers in both the new and old world.

Limnio is native to the Greek Island of Lemnos.  Dating back to the time of Aristotle (having been described on more than one occasion by the famous philosopher) this is one of the more historic grapes still in existence.

As you might expect from a grape which has survived for at least 1,500 years without much in the way of human help, this a hearty vine which survives well without rain, as well as surviving well when there is an abundance of water.

So how do you most easily pick of Limnio?  There is a distinct mineral aroma, which comes from almost no other vine on planet Earth.