Charles Smith Wines Better Distribution and Placements in Safeway

A Sign of the Times

Back at the end of March, I wrote about Charles Smith Wines gaining a greater foothold in the national wine scene by bringing on a better, newer distributor.  They’ve also increased production enough to be able to play in 51/51 as it’s often called in the industry. (That’s 50 states plus DC if you’re wondering) […]

What is a mutant clone of a grape vine?

What is a Mutant Clone?

I was writing a bit about Pinot Gris the other day and I had to mention that most genetic research shows that the vine is actually a mutant clone of Pinot Noir.  It made me ask a pretty basic question, exactly what is a mutant clone? Grape vines don’t grow from seeds, instead they grow […]

Reuling Vineyard 2 Bottle Image

Reuling Vineyard

Whenever I walk into a room which is filled with in essence, a single type of wine, like I did a few weeks ago at Pinot Days in San Francisco, I check my expectations at the door so to speak. Don’t worry, there’s more about Reuling Vineyard coming, but first a little bit of background. […]

What is Brix in Wine?

What is Brix in Wine?

What is Brix in Wine? Brix is the percentage of sugar within the grape. Generally speaking when you talk about wine, the Brix levels at harvest generally lead directly to the alcohol levels in wine. There are some different ways that winemakers can control the exact finished alcohol levels given consistent Brix readings, but it’s […]

The Other 46 wine production

What is the Other 46?

What is the Other 46? The Other 46 is quite simply, any wine which was not made in California, Oregon, Washington state or New York state. Here’s why it’s important (I’ve also chosen to exclude California from the chart since we produce almost all of the bulk wine in America and therefore about 90% of […]

Merlot Crushed in California

Vellum Wine Cellars Red

Vellum Wine Cellars Red (it’s Merlot) I’ve shipped Vellum’s Cabernet Sauvignon before, so if you want a write up on them and why I feel a connection to the project see: Vellum Wine Craft Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 2011 This time though, I want to talk about Merlot.  Look, it says something that when a […]